Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One of the best ways to let loose and have some fun before the big day, is to go on an adventure with the guys! I mean who doesn’t love a day on the open sea or a night out under the stars with your closest buds?! We’ve come up with 10 bachelor party ideas that go beyond the norm. So whether you’re typically an outdoorsy guy or not… Your adventure awaits!


1. Take a Hike – You don’t have to be trained for the Appalachian Trail to enjoy a nice hike through the woods. This adventure can be as vigorous or leisurely as you want, depending on the trail and length of time you choose.

2. Go Rock Climbing – With all the new rock gyms around these days, this adventure can be tackled inside or out! Wherever you decide to go, you and your guys will enjoy the bonding time as you race to the top!


3. Raft some Rapids – Nothing says friendship like depending on their strokes to keep your raft afloat! You’ll have a blast working through the rapids together!

4. Sleep under the Stars – If you’re feeling the wedding day stress already, a weekend of camping is just what you need to calm those nerves. If the weather’s nice, a tent is optional!


5. Go Hang-Gliding – Talk about an experience of a lifetime! Join your buddies on a hang gliding trip to see the world from a whole new perspective… literally!

6. Hit the Slopes – A ski trip may be just the thing for your last hurrah as a “single” man. The speedy slopes and breathtaking scenery is sure to get your adrenaline going!


7. Conquer an Adventure Course – Ziplines and ropes course activities are a fun way to have some bonding time with your guys before the big day! Afterall, it takes a team to get you to the altar!

8. Take a Drive – If you’re not the type to conquer the outdoors, taking a road trip is also a great adventure! Get some good tunes and snacks together and take a drive to see the sites!


9. Go Out to Sea – A day of deep sea fishing might be the perfect adventure for you and your guys! Plus if you have a good day on the sea, your dinner is bound to be delicious too!

10. Race to the Finish – Enjoy a day on the track! By taking a racing class you can experience what it’s like to drive your very own race car, without the fear of getting a ticket!

We hope these ideas get you excited about your own bachelor party adventure! Cheers to marriage! And good friends to help you get there!


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