Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Did you recently begin planning your wedding?  Or maybe you're almost done planning but feel like it just needs a little something more to make it perfect?  Look no further!  We’ve got just the kind of inspiration you're in search of!

This years Pantone Color of the Year goes perfectly with every theme and color!  It can be used as an accent or as an entire theme!  It's been carefully labeled "Greenery."

Greenery Swatch

(Greenery Swatch)

Don’t be fooled - This is not just any old, plain jane green.  This beautiful spring green is not too light but not too dark and has just the right amount of yellow to brighten it up.  Now, while this particular shade of green is technically the only "Color of the Year," inspiration is being taken from it all over the place through even the simplest accents of greens and herbs to bouquets and boutonnieres alike.  However, if you'd like to take it one step further, make this the entire basis of your wedding theme!  This can be done in so many ways and pictured here are only just a few!

Greenery Image

(Top, Top Left, Middle Right, Middle Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)

A little touch here, a little accent there, you don't have to go crazy with it!  Take this bit of inspiration and interpret it as you will - keeping in mind that no one person’s interpretation will be the same.  No matter where you are in the wedding planning process, consider this for the little extra nudge your special day needs to real push it over the top!  With or without it, your day will be absolutely perfect!

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