Monday, February 6, 2017

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are bursting with excitement over all of the buzz about cute date ideas and maybe even some possible Valentine’s Day engagements!? *Hint*Hint*  Despite the excitement, we understand that with that, comes a lot of pressure on you to get everything just right for that special someone.  But, not to worry!  We’ve got you covered!  To help take some of that stress off your shoulders, we’ve gathered up 4 tips on how to look sharp for your Valentine…

1) Wear something comfortable

Nothing ruins a perfect date more than an uncomfortably warm jacket on hot day, a tag irritating the back of your neck all night, or shoes that hurt your feet so bad, you can hardly walk but the end of the day.  Your already stressed enough!  The last thing you need is uncomfortable clothes getting in the way of your plans.  Make sure to plan accordingly for the weather and activities but keep in mind that whatever you wear should still be a reflection of your personal style!

2) Be confident

No matter what clothing you have on your body, the most important thing is to feel confident in your own skin.  If that means you have to go out and buy a new outfit that makes you feel as confident as you did on the first day of a new school year growing up, go for it!  Or, if that means pulling out your favorite shirt and spritzing on a bit of their favorite cologne, that’s great too! 

3) Pay attention

We’re all human, which means we all have a picture in our heads of what our perfect Valentine’s Day would be.  Pay attention to your significant other in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.  Listen to the things they might be saying.  If they don’t come right out and say it, they may be dropping hints here and there about what they would like or how they would like your Valentine’s Day to be.  Maybe they’re daydreaming about what they would like to do.   Maybe they hope that your outfits look good together and have an idea of what they are wearing or what they would like to see you wearing.  You never know… so keep your ears open just in case!

4) Get plenty of rest

The last thing you need is bag under your eyes and the sheer look and feeling of exhaustion all over you to ruin your big plans.  Be sure to plan ahead and double check that everything is in place… your clothes fit, the reservation is made, the gifts are bought, etc… a few days BEFORE the big day.  You’ll have enough pressure on you already the day before so don’t wait until the last minute to get everything else in check and add that much more to you plate.  You want to be awake and present to enjoy your Valentine’s Day plans as much as possible, not looking forward to getting home and crawling into bed only to miss everything you worked so hard to put together.

Just in case you need a little extra help, here’s some inspiration from some of our favorite Valentine’s Day looks!

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