Tuesday, February 21, 2017

As a bride and groom, you have a lot going on in the months leading up to your wedding day but you can't be in two places at once so sometimes you have to rely on your wedding party to help you out along the way.  A really great way to thank your wedding party for helping you out in the planning of you wedding and supporting you up at the alter is through small, thoughtful thank you gifts.  Now, these gifts can be from the both of you as a newly married couple or you could make it even more personal by making it from just you to your bridesmaids or you to your groomsmen.  Here are a few great groomsmen gift ideas that will hold the memories of your special day for decades to come!


Personalized Flask & Shot Glass Gift Box Set


Personalized Cufflinks for The Wedding Day


Monogrammed BBQ Set


ORCA Gear Mini Tacvest Koozie


All of these fun items and more are available through our Street Tuxedo stores!  To order or request more information, contact any of our 4 store locations by clicking here.

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