Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Wedding Trends 2017

A beach wedding never goes out of style but this summer we're seeing other various themes pop up more and more!  If your looking to go out of the box and surprise your guests at your summer wedding, consider one of these themes:


Barn Style ~ DIY

Gone are the days where a barn style wedding is considered "country".  Couples have been bringing in southern touches to their weddings for years and the trend doesn't stop there.  It's no secret that weddings are expensive and with apps in our pockets like Pinterest, that are specifically designed for creating inspiration boards, DIY has become more popular than ever!  More and more couples are taking a more DIY approach to their wedding decor by toning down the extravagant venue style and keeping it simple so that all of the personal touches they've added shine even brighter!

Barn Wedding DIY

(Barn Style ~ DIY)

Boho Vibe

Flower crowns for everyone!  With music festivals going on all around us and Summer in full swing, we can't help but to fall in love with all of the cute boho festival gear that's popping up in all of our favorite stores!  If this is your favorite time of year, considering bringing some of that inspiration into your wedding theme too!  Long, flowy dresses, huge bouquets full of vibrant flowers and long tousled waves.  Any one of these elements could be brought into your wedding style in all sorts of ways ~ Get creative and let your personality shine through!

Boho Wedding

 (Boho Vibe)

Sunflower Accent

Sunflowers tend to be more of a fall thing, until now that is!  We're seeing bright pops of these yellow flowers all over the inspiration boards these days!  These long stemmed beauties reaching past the top of a tall vase paired with fresh lemons piled atop river rock inside, you simply cannot go wrong!  Add some lace to outside of the tall vase and you've got yourself one unique centerpiece!  One sunflower for each of the bridesmaids, a bouquet for the bride and small, bright ones pinned to the lapels of each of the groomsmen.  This could be one wedding your guests will never forget!

Sunflower Accent Sunflower Accent

Sunflower AccentSunflower Accent

Sunflower AccentSunflower Accent

(Top Left, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right)

Natural Touch

Green, green, green and MORE GREEN!  A huge trend this year is beautiful forest weddings where the altar is made of intricately braded vines and the aisle is lined with small, flickering lanterns.  Chandeliers hang from the trees above as if they were there for years.  The reception tables draped with vines full of beautiful leaves and branches hold place cards guiding friends and family to their seats.  The beauty of nature is all that is left to help you take in every last moment of your perfect day.

Natural Touch

(Natural Touch)


With so many new wedding theme ideas popping up every second, the possibilities are really endless!  These are only just a few of the trends we're seeing a lot of this Summer - Whether you choose one of these, use bits and pieces as inspiration or go an entirely different route altogether, just remember to let your personalities shine!

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